Casa d’Erci is located in the centre of Mugello Valley, 30 km north from Florence. Detailed sign posts lead the visitor from the village of Borgo San Lorenzo to Grezzano (5 km), then on to an unpaved road (2 km) at the end of which you find the museum.
The choice of an old share-cropper house has the function of introducing the visitor to the Tuscan peasant landscape and life, which has now completely disappeared. A collection of objects and papers having belonged to the peasants and landowners of Luco and Grezzano is arranged in the house.
The visitor can take a trip through the old trades of the country, not only traditional ploughing, breeding and grape harvest, but also job such as carpenter, blacksmiths, cooper and others.
A special section is dedicated to the popular religious feeling, with a large selection of vote offerings and picture of saints.
You will also find a reconstruction of the most important parts of the rural house, the bedroom and kitchen, with the original fireplace and oven for the bread. A room is dedicated to weaving with an old loom.

Outside the house, two large sheds shelter carts, drags and ancient olive press which comes from Fiesole. The second one gives lodging to and old saw-mill.
To complete the visit the museum offers a detailed sign posted path through the woods surrounding the house, where plants used by peasants are labelled.

The management of the museum are part of the Gruppo d’Erci Association, with is at your disposal for guided visits or workshop on making bread, honey or textiles, and also giving any information about the house objects showed in the rooms. Guides and publications regarding the area are available at the ticket office. Students and specialists can also examine, on demand, old farm papers, kept in the village library.

The museum is open all year round, on Saturdays and Sunday afternoon by admission.

(winter 14.30’ – 19.00’ , summer 15.00’ – 19.30’)

For information and reservation, please call:
Mr Luciano Ciabattini (activities, visits) 338-6880647
Mr Marcello Landi (archives) 333-6683897; e-mail:
Mrs Cristina Ducci (archives) 339-3026694

Information:  | e-mail:
Gruppo d’Erci, Via traversi, 93 – 50030 Luco (FI)

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